Tailored workshops (up from 4 hours duration).
We are going to change your office, shop, back branch,…etc to a place to play with your colleagues. With this formula we free stress, solve conflicts, boost communication and above of all, we motivate. In these king of workshops a professional coach clown is involved.
We help you to start your business.
To launch a start-up, projects or a business, the human resources are essential. Motivated staff, identified with the company and in a good work environment, perform better and is happier. We propose a workshop up from a day long, where a clown professional conveys. We will motivate people, build team and create harmony in the group. We will work on the listening and leadership.
Participation in business evening meals/dinners.
We really want to give you a colourful and amusement touch to your business dinners. Do you invite us? With the clown nose and a good dynamic everything can change.
Week-end intensive courses.
An intensive week-en of coach clown using all the clown tools. The workshop is split in 4 blocks (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) For each block we work the improvisation and group dynamics, which are the strengths of the clown: deepen the strength of acceptance, improvisation, communication and active listening, of oneself as well as of the group. For these courses there is the intervention of at least two professional clowns. The program is monitored by a psychologist.
Coaching individual sessions.
They are personalised sessions where we will help you to use your own tools to bring out the best of you and achieve your goals through several coaching techniques (powerful questions, framing, active listening, etc.). And always a psychologist in Breve Therapy involved.