Fanny Guerrero

Clown, Coach and Teacher Fouder of CoachClown. With many years of experience in the world of the clown, she has been part of important projects such as  the “hospital clown” and Event Director, Projects and Awareness in Medical Smile; She has been part of the “Endorfinas” Company; She has worked as a clown in animation groups as “Flip Flop” and “Trencaclosques” and she is, as well, a Circus teacher for children. All this clown experience, plus a coach academic background (Coach Master, Camilo Jose Cela University) has been really helpful to design this project where the two disciplines are combined to help people and companies to achieve a cheerful, happier and healthiest life in emotions. She is also the founder of the EducaClown – Mallorca, nourishing, this way, her more altruist part, and always getting benefit of the clown as a strong tool, plenty of  positivity.

Lluis Colom

Actor, Clown and Teacher The perfect combination between interpretation and formation. Student of Phillipe Gaulier, he teaches how the interpretation bases starts from games and enjoyment. Graduate of english philology, he has practiced as high school teacher for several years. Lately, he has devoted himself to interpretation and acting. He has a wide experience as an actor and clown and has also composed several scenarios brought to stage. Among this, he has as well directed several pieces.

Pablo Sesé

Psychotherapist Psychotherapist specialised in Breve Strategic Therapy, Problem Solving and Strategic Communication and Strategic Coaching, supported by the Strategic Therapy Center of Arezzo and the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, California, USA. www.terapiaestrategicabreve.es

Eduardo Maiante

Clown He is clown by choice, birth and affiliation. His academic training has been carried out with different professionals as Marcelo Zapala, in Argentina, his native land. He has played and produced several shows (“Reciclown”, “Duo Cósmico”). He has also been involved in some events and festivals. By other hand, he has a wide professional experience in the social matter, working in different projects and associations.