A clown is a comic performer.

At a glance it may appear a funny figure, fool, extravagant, with some extra make up… But behind that character there’s much more. For us, the clown is a sailor and an explorer of emotions. The clown takes what the public and the environment gives him and returns it in a positive way. He’s a generous persone nourished and fed with listening and respect. The clown is not really trying to make you laugh but he will make you laugh. He will change defeat, failure to a value element. For the clown, less is more. It’s not a parody. He trusts human being. He doesn’t protect himself from him. He relies on the group. He is passionate about life. Always here in the present moment. He has needed for someone to care. He ’s a love eater. And at the end, he is able to take the best thing out of each one. que-bici

The word coach means training, tutoring.

It is a persone trained to motivate and give techniques to a persone or a group in order to achieve a goal. In other words, coaching is to accompany a person depending his professional needs, to unfold his potential and know-how. We have reunite the clown, our way of life, with the coach and so comes into life: pie-logo
Coach Clown is a professional team that use clown techniques for business coaching.
Can you imagine to implement the clown philosophy to your life, work, business, group of friends…? This is what we do in CoachClown. We just ask you to trust us and to take part of it.